Creating Board and SubItems


I am currently working with APIs to establish a Board featuring a specific set of columns and subsequently add several items. Some of these items may entail subitems, each with its unique set of columns.

While I’ve identified the capability to create columns for a board, I haven’t come across options to create columns for subtasks. Upon reviewing older posts, I discovered that creating subitems via the API is possible only if there’s an existing subitem. Does the current API support the creation of subtasks for an item lacking any pre-existing subtasks? If so, could you please share the approach? Thank you in advance.

hi @rakr

Welcome to the community! Subitems actually live on another board (the subitems board) that only exists when there is at least one subitem. If you have the boardId of this subitems board you can create columns as normal. I don’t think you can create subitem columns if there are not any subitems on the parent board.

Thanks @basdebruin this works.
I am using automation which invokes my application when a column, this works fine when the Item’s column is changed, but its not working for subitem column changes.

Given the Subitems reside on a different board, trying to integrate my app on the board for subitems but not seeing such option.

is there any approach which invokes my app, when subitem’s column is changed? Thanks in advance.

Are you referring to webhooks? See Webhooks

  • change_column_value triggers on column changes in items
  • change_subitem_column_value triggers on column changes in subitems