Create sub_items via API

Hi there,
I am looking to create sub items under items via API.
However I m unable to create sub items because there is no subitems column in my board.
So now I have to create subitems column manually (using UI ) in my board then use API to create sub items.

I m curious to know if there is any workaround for creating subitem column using UI.
Is there any way I can create subitem column via API?
Any suggestion on how to implement the workflow without going through UI step?


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i was looking for the same, and doesn’t appear to be possible. However if you create your board from a template using the API (which is possible) to start with, you will have subitems existing. You can then work with it from there.

The new board view (currently in beta) does not have the subitems column anymore. Every item can have subitems without the need for an additional column. This makes the UI action redundant.