Create a sub item with column volumes via the api

Hello- I’m trying to create a sub item with sub item columns and I can’t quite get it right. Here is my query now:
“query”: “mutation { create_subitem (parent_item_id: @{variables(‘itemID’)}, item_name: "new subitem", column_values: "{\"subitems_status\": {\"label\": \"In Progress\"}}") {id board {id}} }”

Ultimately I want to update multiple columns for the new sub item like owner, team, etc. Not just status.
According to this: Subitems it looks like I should be able to use column values.

I’ve also tried creating the sub item then in a separate action updating the column values with no luck.
“query”: “mutation { change_simple_column_value (board_id: 6057372660, item_id:@{body(‘Parse_JSON_5’)?[‘data’]?[‘create_subitem’]?[‘id’]} , column_id: "status", value: "{\"label\": \"Active\"}") { id } }”

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure why in my post it doesn’t show all the backslashes, but here is a picture of my query

FYI, the call is correct above, I just had the wrong column ID for the status column in the sub item.