Facing issue with monday api on item creation mutation

I am facing issue while creating item for the below column values . I am using the following query and column value
mutation {
board_id: ${boardId}
item_name: ${itemName}
column_values: “${columnVals}”,
create_labels_if_missing: true,
group_id: ${groupid}
) {


     "columniD":"6288569286_XL_Playbook xyz-sss",
      "text0": "hasdkjasd/xya.com",
     "numbers56": 2450,"text2" :"abcd'f",
     "date46": "2024-03-15",
     "date4":" 2025-02-17",
     "dropdown":" abcd",
     "numbers8": 12,
     "text25": "XL",
     "numbers5": 3.68,
     "text1": "a Cadsse",
     "customer_name": "SU",
     "channel1": "SU",
     "person" : {"personsAndTeams":[{"id":123213,"kind":"team"}]}

This is the error I am facing

 errors: [
      message: 'Parse error on ":" (STRING) at [5, 73]',
      locations: [Array]