REST API - Items are created even if column_values are incorrect

Hi Friends,

I’m new to the API and I noticed that if my column_values contains a Column Type that does not match what is on the board, the item is still created!


vars = {
    "myItemName": "Hello everyone!",
    "columnVals": json.dumps(
            "status": {"number": "Closed"},
            "label": {"text": "CADS"},

The Status and Label column are not Number or Text types. In this scenario, a new Item with a Title of ‘Hello Everyone!’ is created, and its columns are all blank. Is this intentional? I thought I would receive an error.

This is because internally creating an item with values is two operations, it is create the item, then set the column values. (This is also why when creating an item with values, it triggers “column value changed” automations).

Unfortunately the second step of setting the column values fails silently.

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Understood! Thank you!