Subitems have subtasks - what is the best use of columns

I’m creating a new workflow and my subitems have ‘sub-items’. Considering that Monday has a certain structure and doesn’t allow another level, what is the best way to incorporate this into the sub-item to ensure all the steps are taken before status can be changed to completed. Thanks.

I am missing the feature of subitems for subitems, too.

My workaround here is to work with checklists in the updates. That way you can see what is necessary for that subitem and visualize progress.

While not optimal, it works for me :wink:

^ write an update and use the checklist button on the right to set the “subitem’s subitems”.

now you can see the sub-subitem progress on the left in the subitem bar and also written out on the right in the update itself.

Thanks Timo. This works!

If I make a template, will this be included? I was hoping so, otherwise it means manual entry each time!



Hi Christine,

did a quick test, when setting up the updates with the checklists and making it a template after, it takes over the updates, including the checklists.

So that should work for you without setting up manual entries every time, which would have been quite annoying.

Happy to hear my idea helped you. :slight_smile:

Have a nice day.