How can you show Subitem(s) status in Progress Bar?

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Does anyone know if there is a way to use subitem status to represent in the Progress Bar? We would like to use this as a way to show where we are at in the course of the projects and such that we are using. I know that you can do alot with the Dashboard charts and such, but we would like to do this in the boards as well.

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This can be accomplished in a few ways. While you can’t directly tell a Progress Bar column to incorporate a Sub Item Status Column, you’ve got some options:

  1. The easiest way is to select the setting “Mirror Summary to Parent Item” on the subitem status column. This will show the statues of those subitems on your parent item similar to progress bar(or more similarly, the Battery Bar). This may or may not translate to your dashboard and won’t sync up or affect your other Progress Bar(s) so it may not work for every situation.
  2. Utilize the custom Automation: When Subitem Status changes to Something, change Status to Something.
    -This will really only work well if you have 1 subitem per line. Then it would just be a matter of adding a new status column to your parent item, and then adding that status to your progress bar. But if each of your parent items have multiple subitems then the parent status would change prematurely.
  3. Another Automation Option: When all subitems of an item has the status of something, change the items status to something.
    -Again you will then add a new status column on your parent item to integrate into your progress bar. But the limitation with this option is that it will only trigger when all Sub items are complete.

Hope these help!

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Thank you so much for the feedback andrewalmand. I am already using the first suggestion which helps a bunch. I am also using number 3, just to cut down on the manual things I have to do. After reading this over and pondering it more, I am wondering if I may not be best served by having the subitem statuses show in some form on a dashboard as part of a larger look at the project. Progress bars are OK, but don’t give us the whole picture. Our upper management is only concerned with percentage completed on things.

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