How do I show a summary of the subitem status on the item? 2022

How do i automate the status of a subtask to update the progress bar of the item it belongs too?
in this case if i select DONE on status, and its one of 5 subtasks, i’d like it to represent 20% completed on the items progress bar? there was a post of this same question a year ago but the response is not applicable for the 2022 current version of Monday

Hi @amroorda as far as I know that is not currently possible in Monday. if an add-on is an option, I suggest taking a look at the Analytics & Reports by Screenful that allows tracking progress of subitems in addition to the top level items. Here’s an example of a table chart displaying rolled up values from subitems:


Each row in the table is a top level item, and the columns are displaying rolled up metrics from the subitems. The progress bar can be used to show the completion percentage of the subitems. The columns are configurable so you can roll up any of the available metrics from subitems.

Learn more about rolling up values from subitems , or give it a try with your own data by signing up for a free trial.