Automating sub-items

Hi everyone,
I have a request & a related bug about sub-items.

I know sub-items are in beta but I would like to know if there’s a plan to allow automating of sub-items in item creation?

My main goal is to have the ability to create an automated checklist for my team when a task is created.
For example, if I create a new task and tag it somehow (either by a Status column or any other way), it will create some kind of a relevant checklist of sub-tasks for it.
So I’m guessing using sub-items is a good approach for this.

Now to allow this auto-creation, I have to pull that checklist data from somewhere.
So 2 options I’m thinking of are:

  1. Pulling it from a different board (kinda like a VLOOKUP for those sub-items) - more robust and scalable.
  2. Setting a specific automation for each type of task that will create those sub-items - not scalable.

So - is there a way to pull data from a different board?
If not, and specific automations is the only way to go for now, then there’s a bug with this because item creation automations don’t allow creating sub-items.
Inside the automation recipe, in the dialog for setting the fields of the item, sub-items show up but you can only click on it. It says - Expand Subitems / Collapse Subitems, and clicking it a few times just increments the number of subitems written there, but nothing actually happens.

I’d be happy to hear your thoughts!

Hey @nshamgar! Subitems are not currently supported in automations, but our team is working on it. We hope to have this functionality available at the end of Q3, but this is just a tentative timeline :slight_smile:

You can find the full subitem roadmap here: Subitem Product Plan

Additionally, the request to include the Checklist feature in automated updates when a new item is created has been shared with our team. At this time, I don’t have any concrete timeline to share for this feature request, but I’d be happy to pass on your support for this!