Automate sub-items creation

Hello everyone,

I am not sure it is possible but do you know if we can use an automation that automate subitems creation ?

I think it was planned for Q3 2020,

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Hi @corentin.dalfarra - Coming really soon! I will try to do a short video clip and post it here later today.

Hi @corentin.dalfarra - As promised, here you go!


Hello @PolishedGeek,

Thanks for the update, can’t wait to try this new feature :slight_smile:

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@corentin.dalfarra The Subitems Templates app might suit your needs: Apps Marketplace

Hi @therealtbee

Thank you for the answer ! I found a way to automate subitem creation with this automation :

When a change the status on a item row, it automatically create 3 subitems in the example.

I will look at your solution once I have the access.

Thanks again ! Have a great day,


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