Check list as/in a column

Hi there,
At the moment the checklist option exists only in the update of each pulse. Therefore, in order to see the checklist you need to go into an update of a pulse. My team and myself are working with standardized and templated project tasks list. These projects are of a very complex nature and tracking lots of small details, so we need checklists for nearly every other pulse. The teams work remotely and using mobile devices lots of times. They need to be able to quickly find the checklists without a needing to go into an update every time. There is a high demand from the team to have the checklist being put into the column directly. It would make their daily work and project executional work in the moment way more easy and less prone to making mistakes.
Are there currently any plans to create a checklist in the column?
Thanks a lot!

Hey @AdriannaAmaseu

Thanks for sharing!

I’m not sure I 100% understand how your boards are built and what you’re looking for but we do have a checklist column in the column center:

Let us know if that answers your request?

Hi Julia!
Thanks for your response. The checkbox column is something completely different. It allows you to just place a checkbox for each pulse/task that has been completed.
What my team and myself are looking for is a possibility to create a checklist in a column, same as you are able to create it in the update. There are many tasks that that are very generic and are connected to verifying multiple actions/things. We would like to have that overview in a glance rather than going into an update of each pulse. Having a function of subtasks could help, but that also is not available yet. I hope it is a bit more clear. Our projects are very complex and conform from a very long standard task lists.

Hey @AdriannaAmaseu how many items are in the checklist of each item? As a work around for the time being, I think it could also make sense to add each item on the checklist into a status column to indicate when each step of the task has been done - do you think that would work?

I would like to also note that we are in the works of creating subtasks, which should be available sometime in the early new year, which may also resolve this issue for you!

Do you think the status columns would provide some benefit in the meantime?

@AdriannaAmaseu, we also use checklists, in order to keep up with the various aspects of a project. For the time being, this is what we do. We put the checklist in the update of each pulse, but pin it to the top. Then you do not have to search for it and you can see what still needs to be done, quicker.