Checklist Column

I would love for a Checklist Column to be added. Ideally this column would work similar to the status and dropdown columns.

We could just make a list of items that can be checked off. The most important part of this, is that they could be updated at any time. I have explored using the checklists in the conversation bubble, using subitems and also using Monday docs. The issue is that there is no way to mass update all the checklists to existing items.

I want a dynamic checklist option that if I update it will update for all existing and future items.

hi @dmeyer

A checklist column is available, would that solve your issue?


Unfortunately no. What I’m looking for is an actual checklist that you are able to mark things off as you go. The odd request I have and why it doesn’t really work well with the current options is that I need it to be dynamic. I need to be able to change the checklist for every item (including ones already created). I’ve tried using subitems, checklists in the chat bubble and checklists on Monday Docs, but none of them allow you to update checklists on already existing items.

This would be extremely useful. I’ve also had to resort to checklists inside documents and inside updates, and it’s a mess of copy-pasting and duplicating.

A checklist column should be a basic Monday feature, really.

The dynamic aspect would be just incredible, but unfortunately it seems completely unrealistic, given the way Monday develops features. Remember we don’t even have a basic UNDO function…

Is this similar to this request?