Automation to add update WITH checklist template


There is an automation to create an update, however it lacks the option to add pre-configured checklists.
Adding a possibility to create an “update template” would benefit us greatly.
We have a lot of pulses that according to Status or People will always follow standard pattern of subtasks.
Having an “update template” would allow us to pin those Checklists automatically during the pulse creation.

Yeah I completely agree with this. The ‘update’ template on the automation should show the same formatting options which are available in the ‘Update’ section of the main boards.

Alternatively, we should be able to use html templates to automatically add checkboxes in Updates on status change

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Hi @Jorma & @yoni_wolovitz! I think this is a great idea, and I see that this request has already been submitted to our team. I am going to go ahead and share your support for this update with our team. Thank you for submitting!


Yes please! This would be a tremendous help and time saver!

This would be a huge help for us, if this is confirmed i would put our 32 staff on