Automation to add update WITH checklist template


There is an automation to create an update, however it lacks the option to add pre-configured checklists.
Adding a possibility to create an “update template” would benefit us greatly.
We have a lot of pulses that according to Status or People will always follow standard pattern of subtasks.
Having an “update template” would allow us to pin those Checklists automatically during the pulse creation.

Yeah I completely agree with this. The ‘update’ template on the automation should show the same formatting options which are available in the ‘Update’ section of the main boards.

Alternatively, we should be able to use html templates to automatically add checkboxes in Updates on status change

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Hi @Jorma & @yoni_wolovitz! I think this is a great idea, and I see that this request has already been submitted to our team. I am going to go ahead and share your support for this update with our team. Thank you for submitting!


Yes please! This would be a tremendous help and time saver!

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This would be a huge help for us, if this is confirmed i would put our 32 staff on

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This would be really helpful for us!

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This would be a huge help to us as well. It could be a game changer if implemented.

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Hey @johnraymondreyes and @mboyle!

Thanks for following up on this specific request and I’ve just gone ahead and added to the feedback we’ve sent along to our product team, to include how impactful it would be for your teams. I’d love to advocate for this addition and I’m hopeful that this can be added in the near future!

We’ve found a way to do this on our side. The ‘Update’ automation accepts HTML.

Step 1: Using Google Chrome, create an update with the checklist that you want used as the template, and post the update.

Step 2: Highlight the checklist, right click, and click “inspect”. You should see something like the following screenshot:


Step 3: Copy from <ul data-… all the way to </ ul>.

Step 4: If you haven’t already, create the status that you want to create the checklist update from.

Step 5: Create a new automation using the “When Status Changes to something, Create an Update”.

Note: You can do this with any of the automations for 'create an update"

Step 6: In the ‘update’ portion of the automation, paste the code we copied in Step 3.

Save the automation (Add To Board), and test it out on a test pulse. You should see the checklist populate in the pulse as an automations update.


How do you pin it ? Is there an HTML snippet for that? Thanks

I think you’ll have to manually pin the updates, unfortunately.

THIS IS AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for this tip. It works like a charm! Monday team, you should totally add this to your info about checklists.

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I also would find an “Update Template” feature useful. We frequently leave similarly formatted updates on everything from projects (for project updates) to client records (for next steps or follow-up items).

I similarly would appreciate a template function for info boxes as we use these frequently for meeting minutes.

I would like this feature as well.

Very very interested in this feature as well!!


First of all, I appreciate this tip.

I also noticed that it can only work if you have one group. For example, if I have multiple groups on a specific board and I want the same update in all groups. The automation checklist will not work on the other groups. It will only work from where you copied the “<ul data-… all the way to </ ul>” group.

Maybe you have a work around on this?

Thanks heeps!


You could have a hidden/collapsed “Status” column that triggers in addition to your checklist update trigger. The status trigger would move it to where you need it to go.

Does that work? I’ve not experienced that issue, so can’t say for sure.