Template Checklist in Item Views for Recurring Process

For each task, we have an SOP (standard operating procedure). This allows the user to complete a general task with a specific procedure. We currently use google docs and Trello. The “Updates” tab in the Items View (the details for each pulse) works quite well for this. It has many formatting options and checklists, screenshots, etc that make a very nice SOP. However, due to the lack of creating recurring or repeating tasks in Monday.com, I have to resort to copying each task. Copying a pulse without the Updates removes our SOP. Copying a pulse with Updates included copies the updates with the checklists already checked. This is an issue as the checklist should be unchecked for the task to be repeated again.

It would best to have another tab that can be a checklist tab or description tab in the Items View. One that is unchecked when a pulse is duplicated.

We have several tasks that are repeated monthly, weekly, etc. For example, request feedback from buyers at the end of the month. We have a SOP for our employees on how to do that. If that SOP lives with the tasks inside the Item Views, it makes this entire process more streamlined and more transparent. I have explored other solutions such as creating a template group and duplicating that every month, week, etc and also at subitems but that doesn’t have as much control or for easy in-line screenshots. This would be a killer feature. Won’t have to rely on Google Docs, Trello, or Process Street.

Please add this “description” or “checklist” tab to Item Views Center. Or at least add a simple way to clear the checklist in Updates once the pulse is duplicated.

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Instead of using Checklist on updates, can you instead use columns on Sub Items?

We used to use the Checklist feature in updates for making sure materials got ordered for our manufacturing. But as soon as Sub Items became available I moved all checklist to there. This lets you customize the checklist further. You could use the checkbox column, or status or the new button feature, lots of options. Plus you can automate the creation of sub items so when an item is duplicated or created it should reset your checklist however you set it up.

This is all assuming you aren’t already using Sub Items on this board(only 1 per board). The only solution there is to have the checklist per item on another board that links to your main board and mirrors the summary. That is how we do it because each item requires separate checklist for materials & fabric.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Andrews. However, subitems do not provide the formatting options–even the basic ones as shown in the screenshot.

Also, I haven’t figured out an automation that will allow me to duplicate a pulse and clear all the columns other than the pulse name.