Request: Updates Editable by Anyone

Hey @monday-team, we are a marketing agency currently in the process of migrating from Wrike to Monday.

The main suggestion that we have, and one that is vital to our company’s success on Monday, is the ability for anyone to edit updates (not just the person who created the update) - We have found that most other PM platforms allow this and it is a significant issue for migrating our projects to Monday as well as the services that we want to offer clients.

We have gone through multiple meetings and scoping sessions with our Monday partners to explore other options, however Monday is currently lacking the feature of an editable description box or updates section by more than one person.

As you can see from the screenshot attached, only the creator of the update has access to editing it - meaning no other employees or clients are able to. We would love to see the implementation of an updates section or description box that is editable by anyone.

Hi there @zoelloydd - this sounds like a great custom feature! Would love to learn more and see if our developers can help you do more with monday.

You can book a time to chat here:

Looking forward to our conversation.
~ Deb

Agree. This is a significant design flaw in the Update feature in Monday.

Multi-user updating editable by anyone is required in our work environment too.

We have had to accept that the only way to edit an update is to add another update to the item posting a correction.

+1 on this one. This was request via support too.