User role for comments-only / Private comments

One thing I feel is missing from is the ability to have external viewers or guests that can only add updates - or to allow updates to be private to the internal team. We’re using Monday for our software support/bugs. We have a workspace per client and a support board in each workspace. We’ve given nominated users guest access to that board such that we can communicate with them on tickets. It works well but it means we have client users faffing about on our boards - adding subitems to “closed” tickets for new issues, editing tickets, and we can’t add notes that are essentially private to our internal team.

I appreciate that we’re really trying to use Monday for something other it was intended and should probably be using ZenDesk or the like but we’ve got another 6 months on our subscription so we’re using it!

Further to this, I’ve found that we can lock board down to only allow “owners” to edit and everyone can only comment. This is OK but means I’ve to maintain the list of owners - rather than allow everyone in my team to be an owner.

It would still be very beneficial to have the ability to lock updates as private - or have public and private update fields.

The ability to see what guests have access to is still a massive missing feature.

Hi @tcmarimosa - An approach we’ve used many times is to have a main (internal) board that is linked to the shareable board, and each item created on the shareable board makes a linked item on the main board. The main board is used for all internal communication and documents, and the clients don’t even see the linked column or mirrored info. That solves the problem of an internal space for private team communication.

Regarding clients modifying things they shouldn’t… several of our clients who utilize heavy guest access have chosen to upgrade to Enterprise so they can better control what guests see on a board. That may be worth exploring.

If do decide to move your support process to Zendesk, there are plenty of opportunities to integrate Zendesk with monday․com. There’s a built-in integration and for anything you need that isn’t built-in, Integromat or Zapier can fill the gap. We’ve created several deep integrations between the two platforms, so if you need help down the road, feel free to reach out. We offer a limited number of no-charge strategy sessions in the community each week. You can book one here: Book Polished Geek: more with

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We would love this feature, has there been any progress on internal/external notes/updates?