Internal-Only Comments

We use shared boards a lot to manage client projects. In these instances, our staff are internal members and clients have Guest access to the board. There are often instances where we would like to ask questions or share thoughts on a task internally without the client being able to see them. In Jira this is possible with tickets using their “Internal Comment” option. I would like to see something similar in Monday so that most comments are public, but when required a comment can be flagged as internal and is no visible to Board Guests.

Since I posted this about a month ago I don’t seem to see any real response from anyone. Do I take it that this is not a general problem. Am I missing some work-around that others are using to hide internal comments from external contributors?

I’ve been asking for this exact type of feature too. I would like my client to see the progress on their work but not which staff member and what they’re saying (we all work out in the field, so messaging is a key feature internally to keep everyone in the loop). Instead I think they’ve offered that I put a text column in and hide that from view for clients and my staff can write in the instead.

I can see a real benefit here. Now we comment in an item when the client is ‘allowed’ to see it. The rest of the conversation takes place on Slack with an url to the monday item. This makes the comment stream in monday incomplete.