New feature in development: Board discussions!

:rotating_light: New EPIC feature in development :rotating_light:


Very soon, users will be able to communicate within the context of an entire board - a dedicated space for discussion beyond items in your board! This long-standing community feature request finally addresses the limitations of having to host board-level conversations within specific items, disrupting the board structure and flow of work.

Board discussions will adopt the same functionality as the ‘updates section’, supporting post creations, replies, email to the discussion, and reminders. Users will also be able to reply and react the same way they do in the context of an item :partying_face:

:eyes: Be on the lookout for more updates in the future about this feature and its release :eyes:



Love it! Can’t wait to see this on our account!

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This will be very beneficial for my boards that I collaborate with my customers!

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Really happy to hear this Avery! Thanks for sharing :blush:

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Yay! Keep your eyes peeled!

Looking forward to have it !
Time to say good bye to Channel Slack then :slight_smile:

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Exciting things coming! :wink:

@BiancaT Do you have an Estimated Time of Delivery please ? So Excited :slight_smile:


Love this! Great addition.

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Awesome!! Can’t wait for this feature

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Hey Etienne! The ETA is not completely set in stone, however the tentative plan is to have the feature released at some point during Q3 :raised_hands:


Hi Bianca, Is this going to be available for any regular board or just for “ work management” boards (that is… if there is a difference)? Thanks.

this is going to be a hugely helpful feature for a number of our use cases. we have wanted a streamlined solution to having project-context discussions rather than at the item-level, so this will help us avoid having to have a “dummy” line item for that purpose.

looking forward to it!

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Hey @rbmo, the Work Management product is the core Work OS that all users have access to. All users across all products will have access to this feature! :slight_smile:

This is a great new feature with lots of potential! Keep up the great improvements!

:bulb: Makes me wish for a built-in instant messaging chat that automatically adopts the hierarchy of workspaces and boards into channels. It could incorporate all the notifications, @mentions, updates, and communication into one pane of glass. :exploding_head:


Great! Thanks for clarifying it!

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Ooooh we like your thinking! We will share this with our team internally! :bulb:


Really great improvement!

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Hello, I do not see the possibility to add an attachement (file) when positng an update. It would be nice to have it. Thanks

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When will this go live?