Send a general update/FYI to team

Hi Team,
Super newbie to Monday and love this platform! Is there a way to send a general update/notification or FYI to the team without attaching it to an item in a board? E.g Sometimes I need to let the team know of a new board or feature I’ve set up and would like a way to broadcast it so everyone knows.


Would love to know about this too!

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The only way i am aware of is commenting on an item, but you can tag @everyoneonthisboard to let them know.

We have a team board set up for our meeting agendas, etc, so if you have something like that it would be a great place to put it!

For our team board, we list all of our projects there, track all of our total time on that board, and establish agenda items, etc we want to discuss at meetings.

is there a way to keep some of the topics or conversations regarding certain things in a private mode? So far, I’m getting the hang really well on Monday, but I was curious about that because it came up in in the beginning conversation regarding a way to let everyone know something, now I’m curious to know how private you can keep something. Thanks