Mentioning people on the app

while managing some tasks using the app, as I type any updates, I can’t mention anyone specifically. Either I mention “everyone on board” or anyone at all. I need to mention someone already tagged on that tag.
What can I do?
Can anybody help me with this issue?

Thank you so much!!


Is your board private? Is anyone subscribed to the board? I just tested on one of my private boards that only I have access to, and I’m unable to mention anyone like you described.

Hey @Mariane! Thanks for posting!

You should be able to @ mention on the app, so if you’re running into issues I would test on private boards like @andrewalmand mentioned.

Thank you for responding!
The boards are private but everyone is subscribed to them. I can’t mention people that already are subscribed to the boards.
Last year, it wasn’t an issue. That’s why I’m asking this here.