New Feature: Mute Board Notifications

Hi everyone! We wanted to tell the community first about our newest feature - Mute board notifications! :star_struck:

You can now choose to completely mute notifications from specific boards or only get notifications where you or your team have been mentioned!

How can you access this feature?

  1. click on your avatar icon on the bottom left and then go to monday.labs

  2. Click on the three dots menu and then notification settings and choose your preference!

Please share your feedback with us!


Great! Gonna check that out.
Since the moment I created several boards on behalf of other teams on my company’s account ideas being notified all the time for stuff I didn’t need to know about - if I wanted to stay subscribed to the board I had to unsubscribe from each item at a time.

With this feature this issue is solved!!

PS - when are we gonna have FS / SS / FF settings on dependencies? This feature has been announced at the “monday projects” website but I see no sign of it on my monday account/boards. We need it so bad!!!
(Aaaand subitem filtering!!!)

This looks like it’s applicable for the individual user from the end user perspective. Is it possible yet to mute notifications for a board for all users from an admin perspective? Thanks!


This appears to be at the board level, not the individual user level. This will be helpful when we create a new process/board & want to assign people, but don’t want them to be notified. Or when you want people to use the boards as a workboard/dashboard rather than relying on notifications to drive action.

Allowing an individual to mute notifications on a board would also be very helpful. We have people that have varying levels of engagement across multiple boards. Some they use everyday so the notifications can be overwhelming, but they don’t necessarily want to miss something on a board they access far less frequently.

We think we found the sweet spot for notification selections & created automations to fill in the gaps, but every person really has their own preferences.

This new feature is very good, and it is almost solving the problem with the notifications of automation… I tested some automation that we suspended because of notifications as it is email automation that were notifying all members of the board and was annoying… so now is not sending notification… but still the updates of the notifications are coming to the inbox, then it still is not solving fully the problem that we had.
I would be nice if something similar could be apply to the inbox. - the MUTE option looks great, thank you, but can you confirm if each person has to do this, or if there is an option for an Admin to set the board to be Muted for Everyone?
As feedback, would be great if you could also add an admin option for the Board to be excluded from My Work be default too.


This is a great functionality. I wonder if when we save the board as a template, the muted option will be saved as well. :thinking:
Thanks! :blush:

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I am liking this option. If I could offer a suggestion to improve it: could we have the option to disable for a certain number of days?

I ask because while I am building out my board from a template, I turn off the notifications to I’m not notified that I have been assigned to a task. After the board is built, I have forgotten to turn the notifications back on. I know that it may be something that I have to get used to, but it would be helpful if there was an option to just turn them off for a day.

Checking my understanding of this. Is this also supposed to eliminate inbox items? I use the inbox as my to-do list and I’m still seeing updates from boards that are muted.

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