Notification overload when setting up a new board (assigning items)

Hi everyone,

We’ve been having some trouble with the amount of notifications people receive when we set up new project boards. We use Monday for a lot of marketing campaigns and promotions, of which we may have 1-2 being set up every couple of weeks. When we set these up and assign items to individuals, this causes an influx of bell notifications which can be overwhelming to wade through on top of other notifications that are more important.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how we could manage this better? I have been through the notification settings but can only see an option to turn off emails for when an item is assigned to you, not to turn off the bell notifications. Is there a way to temporarily turn off notifications from a specific board for example?

I am concerned that people will get notification fatigue and this will result in missing more critical notifications such as due dates and comments.

Appreciate any insights you may have!

I don’t have any answers, but I’m curious to follow along and see if anyone else does.

I wish we could snooze notifications until a board is built, then send a summary notice.