Disable inbox notifications unless assigned to item or mentioned

  • Tell us your use case.

We have a team of developers, some who are constantly working on items on a board, others who need to see and interact with the board occasionally.

  • Frame the feature request/feedback in context with your pain point and what you want to achieve.

In order for someone to see a private board they have to be a member of the board. If you are a member of the board your inbox gets flooded with notifications regardless of whether or not the items relate to you. This creates a lot of noise and busywork, you have to constantly tick ‘read’ on items that have nothing to do with you or just ignore the inbox completely.

  • Help us understand the impact this is having on your team; is this having a critical impact that’s affecting your team’s productivity? Is this causing roadblocks in adopting as your main work tool?

Users are not seeing items relating to them because they are hard to see in the constant noise of unrelated notifications. Critical work is being delayed.

hi @sjregan

Welcome to the community. Did you play around with the settings in Avatar > profile > notifications? Also: are you referring to your email inbox or to the monday inbox?

Thank you. I am referring to the Monday inbox so the email notifications settings aren’t relevant in this case thanks.

I agree. My work with monday primarily is primarily behind the scenes and on the technical side.
In the work I have been doing lately I learned that almost none of our people use either the inbox or bell icon. They just see them as having WAY to much noise to be useful.

Agree, seeing the same issue with our team. No one uses it. Also, not clear on Inbox vs. Notifications, more customizability would be great. Inbox vs. Notifications