How to add users to a private board, but disable notifications for different users


We have a load of different boards, some are split by different teams, and for some teams there is cross over too.
We also need all users to have visibility across all boards, but only want notifications to be sent to the core members of a particular board.

How can I add a team to a private board, without having notifications/inbox get full of messages?

What kind of notifications are you trying to avoid them getting for the private boards?

Pretty much any notification unless they are mentioned, or assigned to a pulse.

If that’s the case you should be able to change the preference in the user’s settings. I honestly have most of my email notifications turned off because I’m in Monday all day and see the in-app notifications.

Hi @catchamonkey,

Let’s just be clear - the users will only receive notifications in the bell in the app if they are assigned, subscribed to a board/pulse, mentioned, replied to, or someone thumbs up their update. Other people’s updates in the board won’t appear in their bell unless they are mentioned.

In the inbox, however, if they are subscribed to the board, all of the updates from that board will appear there. I think this might be what you’re talking about avoiding.

The only way to avoid this would be to click on the “I was mentioned” on the right hand panel when looking at the inbox so that the users only see the updates in their inbox in which they were mentioned:

Let me know if that could help?

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Hi, thanks but i’m talking about in-app notifications, not Emails.

Thanks for this.

All the users in question are subscribed to the board, it’s a private board which they need infrequent visibility of.
The Inbox though does include all updates to all boards.
What I was looking for was a way of having access to a private board, without having all updates to that board flooding the users Inbox.

It doesn’t appear to be possible to separate; that which a user has access to, and that which they get notified about. Is that fair to say when talking about the Inbox? (other than applying filters every time they view their inbox).

Right now, they can also choose to see just the updates board by board from the bottom right list of boards when looking at the inbox.

The only other way would be to choose “I was mentioned” as I explained in the last post but you’re right, no way to “mute” posts arriving to the inbox from private boards you’re subscribed to.

We’re looking to improve our notification section of the platform so I would suggest adding this as a feature request in that category if someone hasn’t already posted there (and if they have, just add your use case to the topic) :smiley:

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