Silence specific boards & workspaces from providing notifications

Currently notifications are all or nothing for a majority of the notifications received. When in an enterprise scenario, this can lead to a lot of noise and potential alarm fatigue where key notifications can easily be missed. The request is the ability to mute / silence boards and workspaces selectively.

Currently I have 3 work spaces and am subscribed to a plethora of boards for each workspace. There are a small handful of boards where I am hyper-focused and am watching every detail. A majority of the boards I can access are of little interest to me unless I have a particular need that will take me to the board. Most of these updates are irrelevant and should be sought out as needed instead of pushed to me.

Real-world scenario 1: Workspace - Sandbox
I want to be able to mute the sandbox if people are experimenting with boards. If I am going to experiment too, then I should be able to turn them back on as needed. As it stands now, I get alerts mixed in with my daily real alerts which can be problematic, especially when the content of the board is the same.

Real-world scenario 2: Boards for which I do not interact, unless I want to pull data
Our company is opting for transparency and making data available as necessary. This results in my having access to many boards that I am not managing directly, but could use some information that is there as I have a need.

I was out of the office for a few days to return to 100+ notifications waiting for me. Of the 100, only 4 to 6 were meaningful for me as they pertained to the specific boards I am hypersensitive too. The rest I had to wade through and delete to get them out of my queue. I am now spending time out of my day deleting noise. I can inadvertently delete a message that is meaningful to me because of the “alarm fatigue” phenomenon where I am just trying to clean my queue in haste. (This did occur and I fortunately caught it after I hit delete)

Most people will not have the patience to do comb the queues when subscribed to enterprise boards and will either leave everything on and ignore, or turn everything off and still ignore it. This then forces a person to then become the automation filler.

We would love the ability to turn off the email notifications for our template boards since in effect, they are “templates” and no one needs to be actually notified. Turning them off on the template, and then creating actual boards I assume we would need to turn the notifications back on - but that is a hassle.