Inbox vs. Notifications

I don’t use the inbox of notifications at all because those tabs feel like they’re both overlapping - what’s the difference? Since I don’t have a clear understanding of how they differ, they aren’t useful for me at all. Does anyone else have this feeling? It seems like an odd duplication or minor overlapping of information so neither end up being that useful and I end up relying on email notifications to know what to do next.

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I’m noticing the same issue. There is a lot of overlap and wonder what we can do to fix this

I think the latest update on the bel-notifications section is a huge improvement. Being able to select between the different types of notifications is really helpful for me and the team.

My feedback on the new way of showing notifications is that the All and Unread are (for me) most of the time basically the same notifications. The Unread section for me personally is not very useful. Maybe it is for others. I personally really like the ‘I was mentioned’ and ‘Assigned to me’. If you ask me the ‘I was mentioned’ can be the first one in the row because for me this is the main reason to go to the bel in the first place.
On top of that it would be great when the ‘I was mentioned and did not reply’ functionality will be implemented here as well. This one is very useful.

To elaborate on the bell vs. the inbox. I agree there can be some improvement on the understanding of how they differ.

For me the suggestion below would be a logical setup for the notifications and updates I could think of being used in Monday

Bell notifications - personal and straight-away-action-needed notifications

  • When you are mentioned (already exists)
  • When assigned to item (already exists)
  • Your reminders (the reminders that you set on updates should be notified here because you wanted to be reminded. I am not sure if the reminders already pop up here to be honest)
  • Due date expired on item (were you are assigned as assignee or person)
  • Likes on your update (could be tab number 4 in the bel notification)
  • Private messages (future feature - when one-on-one chat functionality is being implemented :slight_smile: )

Inbox - information about board activity
Inbox could exist out of three parts:

  1. Updates
    The main part of this section should include everything around updates on a board that you follow:
  • New item is created on a board that you follow (shown as a number; 25 items are created in the last period of time)
  • New update is added to an item (grouped based on the item that the updates are added to so it straight away offers context)
  • New (or latest) comment / reply on a update

It can be possible the inbox will show a lot of updates with the three type of updates above, but you always have the possibility to select the updates per board via the filter on the right.

Also I would love to see the functionality which you can compare to Expand the Pulse Pop-up View (Link to item Column) being added on the items updates, this would give you the possibility to edit items from your inbox.

  1. Notifications
    Notifications which do not require action from your side perse, but are good to be aware of
  • New board is created
  • Subscription to board
  • Deleted items
  • Archived items
  • Bookmarked updates (already exists)
  • Etc
  1. Filter

The inbox section already has filter options to filter per board and its updates. I would love to see an addition here, to be able to see all the new added items on each board as wel.(see also the suggestion In inbox show amount of new items on being able to filter on new added items on boards).

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Hope this all makes sense, it would definitely work for me. Cheers

Hi everyone! Thanks for circling back to this issue. Our team is considering and collecting feedback on the Inbox to revamp this in Q4. Adding replies to updates “I was mentioned” is not a quick win in terms of effort so we are looking critically at all components to improve this area in general as well as the relationship with Bell Notifications. Once we have made some progress with clearer picture, I’ll be sure to share :slight_smile: In the meantime, check out the “I was mentioned” widget on our dashboards. You can create an entire dashboard for communication using this widget as well as board updates. Keep the feedback coming our way - it is so valuable!