All things Notifications - Improvements and more to come!

All Things Notifications! We all know how bogged down we can get with notifications on every platform. Below you’ll find some new and improved enhancements regarding our notifications. We still have a long way to go but we’d love to get your feedback on what we’ve done so far and what you’d like to see next!

  1. Control your bell notifications! We’ve rolled out via monday.labs the ability to control what types of bell notifications you receive! To check this out go to your avatar menu > my profile > notifications. You have four notification types you can opt out from:
  • likes my update

  • replies to my update

  • replies or likes a conversation I’m a part of

  • subscribes me to a board/item.


2. We’ve redesigned our bell and push notifications! You can now see the first two lines on each notification in your notification dialog as well as the profile picture in desktop notifications!

Bell Notification:

We added profile pictures to our desktop notification:


Now, something to look forward to!
3. Mark all as read & notification settings straight from the dialog! Coming soon to everyone!
Here you’ll have the quick buttons to delete, mark as read/unread and navigate to notification settings page with just one click!



Coming Soon: Bell Notification Tabs

You’ll be able to toggle between different tabs based on your notifications: all, unread, I was mentioned and assigned to me.


We’d love to hear your feedback here as we continue to improve our notifications across the platform. Is something missing for you? Do you like the improvements but have some additional ideas? We want to hear from you! Your feedback is valuable as we continue to enhance this area within


Love that the Delete is now easier to click. What would be even better would be a “Delete All” in the same area as “Mark All as Read”


I’m trying to spread out the automated bell notifcations across several different boards. Is there a way to see all the different automated notifications across different boards to set up a better schedule?

I’m not sure why but I’m not seeing these same improvements on my account. I have activated the new notifications within Monday labs but I don’t see most of these features. Particularly being able to turn of a notification when be subscribed. Am I supposed to do something else to get this?

I’ve just looked @Miltime19 and I don’t have those new things in #1 that @lauralev mentioned. :thinking:

It’s coming @Krishele!!

@Krishele and @Miltime19 - thanks for your replies! We are testing this to a small population before a full rollout but you should expect to see this on your accounts soon! Feel free to circle back to me here in a few weeks time if you still do not have this option :slight_smile:

Great question - this might be more suited for our automations team ( but at the moment there is not a way to view this. I love this idea though and I think we have more room for improvement when it comes to managing your automations account wide! Cheers!

Still waiting to be able to turn off notifications for boards I’m subscribed to…that would be great!


Bell notification tabs just showed up for me and I want to just say this is a critical component for me. I have my team sending me notes via different channels and it’s been a bit hard to keep track of unread especially if I missed something from a few days ago.

Also where can I get these socks? :slight_smile:


Has this feature been rolled out? Looking at my profile, I only have the option of desktop (yes) & email (no!) notifications. I would love to control bell notifications but do not see that feature shown.

Or at least snooze notifications for a while. I was in the middle of a presentation and got 100+ notifications in a row and could not make it stop!

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I still don’t seem to have the options that you listed. I am circling back around as you suggested so that I too may see these improvements on my account.