New feature: Search your bell notifications!

We are excited to announce a new feature that is currently in its development stages, however will be released to accounts in the very near future!

Introducing the ability to :tada: search notifications using free text :tada:

You will soon be able to locate specific notifications by searching for keywords in your bell notifications - simply type in the board name, item name, client, or even the action, and watch the magic happen!

Say goodbye to the struggles of accumulating notifications and say hello to:

:white_check_mark: Increased efficiency: Save time searching and scrolling through your long list of notifications!

:white_check_mark: Better organization: Stay on top of tasks and respond in a timely manner!

:white_check_mark: Improved productivity: Achieve more by saving time on tedious, time-wasting tasks!

Are you excited about this upcoming feature release? Let us know what you think!


Are there any plans to allow you to Filter based on board (person is available now)?

Let me check up on this with our product team! I will circle back once I get more information :blush:

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Hey @Krishele, thanks for your patience! Our product team was able to confirm that at this stage filtering by board isn’t currently on their immediate roadmap, however you are able to search for the specific board using the new search function! Hope this helps in some way :pray:

Okay, thanks for the update. I’ll try that when the Search is available.

Could you confirm what is searchable, is it all the content of that update,
I see board is so we search bugs its finds the bugs board ,we search help it finds notifcations with the update help, would be great to understand what can be searched,

also I presume its a single wildcard type search or is there a way to search help, “bugs” and it finds the word help in the board bugs with bugs as a must have

Any feedback to understand how it would work will be great

Whatever it does it will help allot but to get the most out of it some instructions should be made


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Absolutely! I can reach out to our product team for this information and get back to you once they’ve responded :+1:

Thank you for your patience! Ou product team has clarified that the search function will include all of the text in the notification itself and the specific board, so if the name of the update appears in the notification you can search by it, otherwise, you can’t filter specific parameters - let me know if this makes sense!

I think it does but I guess to be 100% we will need to wait for the update, is there a updated ETA on this?

No ETA as of yet, however I am keeping an eye on it’s movements and will provide an update with you once its made known to me!

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It’s great to be able to search by board! Is there any plans to allow a “Delete Notifications in Search Results” or a multi-select delete option?

Hey Krishele! To clarify, you’d like to search for notifications via the search feature and delete them? In addition - bulk delete these notifications?

Yes, that’s correct. The only delete options we have are ALL or ONE. I’d basically like to review notifications in batches and clear them. Whether that’s a Ctrl+Shift/drag-down/“delete visible” any option would be great.