Search function in Speech Bubbles for the whole Board

We aim to channel all the communication to the Boards however, we would not like to lose the benefit of the keyword search what Outlook is capable of.

Hi @Suzie555 !

I would highly suggest looking into the Search Everything feature! It’s on the left sidebar and looks like a magnifying glass. Here you can select the updates section and search all fo the updates across all of the boards that you are subscribed to.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for your helpful comment. It is useful however, it would be more helpful if we would be able to do it choosing the board we want to run the search. For example if the keyword is very broad (in case we want to find a Christmas promotion from last year), we could end up with a lot of results with a lot of irrelevant items.
But this actually is helpful and does the job. :slight_smile: