Search in Updates

Can the search option for each board also check within updates for each item and subitem?

Hi Monday Team,

it would be very useful the ability to search within pulses updates and/or info boxes via the Search Everything feature or (better) directly in the boards search form.

Do you have any plan to add this capability?


Hi Paolo! Thanks for sharing this. We actually do have the option to refine your results in Search Everything to specifically search updates by selecting “Updates” underneath the search bar after entering your text. Let me know if this works for you! Please note that this won’t include search results from the Info Boxes, only updates.

Thanks for the fast response

The Search Everything is one of my preferred feature in Monday and it works fine to find out queries in pulses updates.

Please consider to add this feature in boards search form too.


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Definitely understand this would be helpful on a board level as well - we’ll definitely pass this along!


I second that it would be good to have this on a board level as well!

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Hi all. I love info boxes too, have just tested the search functionality and it seems that when toggling Updates inside Search Everything, the query returns both Updates and Info Boxes and visually differentiates the two, this didn’t work for board search for me.

Feature request to Monday: guys, please add the possibility to:

  • edit info boxes on the mobile apps
  • add new info boxes on the mobile apps
  • edit updates on the mobile apps
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We are relying heavily on info boxes to keep track of information.
The ability to search info boxes would be extremely useful.

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continuing with monday would heavily depend on this feature for us. we want to implement multiple FAQs for different topics that we would like to store with the provided Q&A feature. Unfortunately searching with the “Search everything” feature does not provide any results from these Q&A areas inside the Info Boxes. If “search everything” would be true to it’s name, it should provide us with results from the Info Boxes too. It would be helpful to have this as a separate category in the “search everything” feature so the information is not lost in update conversations.


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Are there any updates on this potential feature? It would be super helpful to be able to search updates.

Hola guys,

This would be great indeed, to make the update fields searchable on Board search level.

We’re looking into building a company wiki knowledge board in An important goal of this board will be that staff members can find solutions by searching for words / content.

For that we like to use the update fields (as suggested in your knowledge board article) , to put the content and comments.


It seem don’t work well in Mobile, there can’t select Updates or any others specific area. After click on More button, it just show Filter of Archived (only one)

I second this Boarld level Search ability

This is a very important feature. All discussions / pulses regarding a board should be searchable within just that board. Doing a global search for “sale price” across all pulses on all boards is not helpful. We need ways to narrow down the search scope.

FURTHERMORE, this should reduce the actual cost for Monday . com to perform the search. So I think this is a win-win for all people involved and easy to implement.

Please implement this core useability feature now.


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Hi, Monday team, any updates on this feature request?

I agree search functionality should improve. Just as a warning: Infoboxes are depreciated and will be removed from all accounts in the near future (don’t shoot the messenger :slight_smile: )

Thank you for the information. I must admit, I never understood what Info Boxes are for, so it causes me no distress.

But the fact that it is impossible to search within updates is absolutely frustrating. More frustrating is only the replies I get from the tech support, claiming once a week that they will “shortly pass the feedback along”, although this request is dating back to 2020. has used the exact words as the tech support in this very thread in March 2020 and there is no news about it for over two years!

Is there anyone in @monday-team who can tell anything about your development process?

Hi all!

I could finally get some information from monday about this feature, thanks to @emiliagalich.
The internal reference number is 2539593104. I suppose if someone else really needs it, please contact the tech support. If they get enough demands maybe it will be made sooner.

seems like this would be a win/win - instead of searching across all boards and giving dubious results based on tons of boards and updates - pounding the databases, taking forever- one would search across updates on a board where they are looking for an update that they expect - databases less pounded, results returned quicker.

@Ster are you indicating they are enabling this feature based on account request?