Updates Preview Column

Ever need to look at broad scale information in a glance? My team does. And clicking in and out of items can be the difference of a meeting running smoothly or confusing everyone.

I’d love to see a column where it previewed the last “update” in the “conversation tab”. See image below. Of course we could try to use large text boxes and put our updates there. But to be able to have a detailed history of all updates, as well as quickly and conveniently be able to see the latest update, would be a game changer.

Hi team!

Would be incredible to have a column to display the text in posted in the last update, saves time having to click into each pulse to check the updates.


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Either that or at least a preview of the contents when we hover over the Updates indicator on each pulse/item.

Agree it can be tedious to click on each pulse to access an Update - when all we want is a snippet of information (name, serial number etc) in an Update.

This would be a great feature especially since we cannot currently locate information in Updates - based on my testing - via Search Everything.


Hey guys, thanks for this idea which we’ll share with our product team!

@JohnW, you can search for the contents of updates using Search Everything, for example:

Can you explain more about what information you’re adding to updates? Do you add them manually or using an integration? I just want to see if there would be a workaround for you for the time being!

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you can search for the contents of updates using Search Everything

Thanks Julia. I see how it works now. I did not realize that it automatically defaults to - and performs - a Cross Boards search only. I then have to separately click the Updates button to see the content in Updates. Obvious now I know.


Why is that? Performance I guess? Faster search.

I was doing the search and getting the default Cross Boards results, not realizing it had not yet searched the Updates - and there is no indication (to me) that I need to click the Updates button.


When I separately click the Updates button, Monday does a further search and I then get the results I’m looking for:


I thought it would be an Omnibox like Google and all results (boards, updates etc) would appear in a single search regardless of category.

But I can live with it now that I know it requires an extra mouse click.

Thanks for the tip.

Back to the original request from ElenaK though: request a column to display the text in posted in the last update.


Bump in an effort to make this feature happen. :smiley:


Bump. This is huge in glancing at a board and seeing the last thing that happened


+1 for this. It can also be great together with the new WorkDocs


In the meantime can you suggest an automation?


is there any update on this? Would be a fantastic update. We may have to look into moving away from monday.com if it isn’t in the short-term pipeline.

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I’ve got the same request over at my company.

This would be really great, especially with the release of Item Cards. Ideally, having an automation setup like “When an update occurs, set TextField to {UpdateValue}.” Then, you can quickly see the latest update on every pulse on the board by scrolling instead of having to click into each one. We could then pull that field into the item card as well. As a manager, this would be helpful for me to look at the tickets my team is working on without getting too bogged down.



It Would be extremely helpful to see the newest update of an element as a column.
Is there any possible way that i have overlooked?

We document our project process manually in a long text column.
It’s necessary for us to understand what happened in the past.

That way we can see instantly what the current situation of a client is.

Desired solution
If there would be an option to show the updates of an element in a column, we could automate a big part of the documentation process and still would be able to see the current situation of all our clients in a second.


This would be incredibly helpful - showing updates like this would give you an at-a-glance view without having to drill into every item to see the latest update.

The request is 3 years old - has this been looked at by the devs?

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This is a work around and sort of backwards. Using an Automation you can trigger when a text field changes to then copy that same text into an update in the item in order to log it.

When (Text Column) changes
Then create an update with (this text) (Choose the Text Column)


Is there an opposite workaround? to display in a column the latest update?

I posted a similar query here: Displaying data from item updates - #2 by CharlotteK - but no solutions.

I wold like a view (or column) that can present the sequence of updates on an item, to easily review them all.

I would prefer this as a pop-up when you hover rather than another column on the board.


Just going to keep this one alive… Latest Update column is one of the items that Smartsheet has been doing for a while and Is one of the items that is keeping me from pushing Monday through my company. It may seem minor, but makes a big difference. Apparently it is possible through the use of an additional app that is needed to download but seems like a lot of work to add something that another platform is already using.