AWFUL WASTE OF TIME EVERYDAY - If I delete a bell notification as worked it does not disappear from my colleagues view who are in my team

Monday, please take time to read this as this is a massive issue for me and I cant believe it is not for every person who works in a team and uses This has got to be an easy fix. It annoys me and my team every day and we waste hours every week on this. I work in a team of 8, yes we have our own monday licence but we are grouped into a ‘team’ too. If another team tags our team then we all see the same notification in our ‘bell’ from our little offices at home. If I work that particular request to its conclusion then I delete it from my queue, however the real kicker is that the other 7 people in my team still see it as an item to be worked on. They have to click into it only to see it has been worked in the speech bubble, then they delete it. 7 people are looking at items unnecessarily every day, all day. This must frustrate teams all around the world who use Monday. You must be able to set a feature so a team of individuals can decide that if one person deletes a notification it gets deleted for all in the team. This would be a massive game changer for us. Please can you look into. Thanks Dan.