Microsoft Teams/Monday Integration Trouble Shoot


Last month I added the app to my Microsoft Teams environment. It was working very well, notifying me via a teams chat alert whenever I received a Monday notification. This was a very helpful feature for our organization. This feature stopped working suddenly on January 1st. I no longer get a notification in Teams regarding Monday. I have tried setting up notifications on new boards, logging in and out etc.

Any advice on how to resolve?

I just joined and am having the same issue…except it never worked for me…any update on this from the Monday Team? I’ve opened 2 tix (second one kinda on accident…sorry) on this and can’t get anyone to respond to either of them.

Hey @Sarahmorris792, thanks for posting about this!

I worked with you via email support and it sounds like the chat alert is working for you now :blush: (let me know if I’ve got that wrong!)

@robgibbs, has the issue been resolved for you as well? Feel free to private message me if not, and we can figure it out from there!

It seems to be. Thank you for your help!

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it is working for me now, thank you!

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Hey @robgibbs and @Sarahmorris792, awesome! Glad to hear it :+1:

Teams Monday Gif Monday Teams Meeting Extension Not Showing Up. We have followed the Knowledgebase and have had no success in setting it up.
I have the Board added to the tab, meeting starts, Have the integration appearing to be fine, no Monday icon in the meeting app though. Any help much appreciated.