Can I add as a Team in Microsoft Teams?

We want to integrate into Microsoft Teams. I understand how to link a board within a Microsoft Teams Channel, but I can’t figure out how to have show up as its own Team, with my boards listed in that section.

This feature was demonstrated to us by our sales rep, but I can’t replicate it. Does our have to send out invites to users (like me) for this to work? Again, I am not trying to link a board within a Teams channel, I’m try to make its own Team.

Any help appreciated!


Hi @M.kell! Julie from Partner, Lucid Day here. I don’t think it’s possible right now to make its own Team. You can add boards to any channel you create, which it sounds like you already know. I’m not sure I can help you, but if you want to hop on a Zoom just so I can see what you’re seeing, I’ll do my best to give you answers:) Calendly - Julie Thoreen

Thanks, Julie! I decided to just create a new Team, dedicated solely to our list of boards. So far it’s working great. Not sure why I didn’t think of it earlier!

That’s exactly the ticket! Glad it’s working for ya!

I would like help seeing this can someone zoom with me on this?

I can @awatson3 no problem. Here’s my calendar so you can pick a time/day that works for you: Calendly - Julie Thoreen

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