Microsoft Teams integration

I don’t see it mentioned yet on this forum so I would like to formally add the request for a Microsoft Teams integration. For Office 365 users, many of us are now using Teams since it is currently priced in with our subscription. Thanks.


Hi Rick! Thanks for sending this information over! We’ve seen a bunch of requests for Teams to be implemented and have put it in the Devs ear to look into! Can you let us know a bit more how you all use teams and how you would like to see it integrated? This would be great feedback as they work on this!

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Sure, I’ll do my best to describe our use cases.

We are an event management company that creates unique experiences for our clients. Our current workflow involves creating a board for each event we have and putting them in an “In Progress” folder. Once the event is wrapped up we then archive it. If the event is annual, we simply duplicate the board from the previous year, unarchive it, throw it in the In Progress folder, and update the dates.

We work best with weekly planning so inside each board are groups for each week. The current week sits at the top with all tasks for this week for that event. Every Friday or Monday (depending on schedules) we go through the events, pull anything that wasn’t completed in that group of tasks and bump it to the following week. We then move that group to the bottom. Once the event is completed, this framework results in a chronological list of all tasks for each event.

We also have a couple other non-chronological groups on each board: Recurring tasks (self explanatory), Contacts and vendor info (quick access to main point-of-contacts), and a Tasks bucket (for all tasks to go until they are categorized into weekly plans).

In our Microsoft Teams account we have a group for our entire company and sometimes separate groups for each clients if they would like to be a part of it as a guest. Inside our company group, we have channels for each client. We normally discuss updates, post artwork revisions, and other client-related conversations in those channels and threads.

Being an Office 365 shop we are fully utilizing OneDrive as well (I’ve already commented on this integration feature request and how it is sorely missing). This is directly integrated with Microsoft Teams which makes sharing files extremely easy, hence why we tend to use Teams as our main hub for conversations. However, one of our main priorities is to have everything in as that is where the work is done. Teams for discussions, for tasks and progress.

I hope that helps but please feel free to ask any questions or offer any suggestions. Thanks for the consideration.

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Hey Rick, firstly, your workflow and boards sound really like a useful way of doing event planning. Would you mind sharing some information on how you work with a screenshot of an example board in the “ for” category? It would be super cool to share with others working in a similar space to your team.

Regarding the integration, I’m interested to know the benefit of using Microsoft Teams to communicate rather than communicating directly inside to begin with? Is this just the way the rest of the company are communicating and that’s why you prefer it to or is there something missing for you inside in terms of communication? If you are going to continue communicating through Teams, what kind of integration would you like to see? Would you want the conversations to automatically add as updates inside items on your boards? Would love to learn more!

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Hey Rick,

It was something automated in the system as you linked many times to the site I’ve now whitelisted this as a safe domain for multiple mentions by new users to avoid this situation occurring again :sunny:

Funny - I was scared I was being viewed as a Microsoft shill for a second!

I’d be interested in posting our workflow to see if it helps anyone or if anyone has constructive criticism for us. I’m a bit slammed this week but I’ll put it on my list to do soon.

Teams and definitely have some functionality overlap and our team has organically started trending towards Teams for quick conversations and for more permanent information sharing. For us, Teams is replacing texts and emails, and occasionally the face-to-face conversations as well (more and more frequent as our team starts spending more time out of the office at events). is where our work “lives”, Teams is where we converse. So we tend to use the pulse “updates” for when we are specifically requesting/getting an update about that specific task.

One other way we use updates, which I consider to be less than an ideal solution, is to visually indicate that there is an info box. Personally, I think it is a huge limitation not having a visual indicator that there is information in an info box. Looking at a pulse in a board, there is currently no way to know there is more information in that task without clicking several times into it. So we’ve now resorted to writing an update to get the icon as well as editing the name and adding “(see info box)”.

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Hey Rick,

Awesome—if you could share the workflow when you have some time that would be absolutely huge! Thank you so much for providing a deeper insight on the way you use Teams as opposed to - it sounds like you use it as we use Slack, which we do integrate with at the moment. Would love to therefore know what you’d like to be able to do in terms of the integration - would it work similarly to what we offer on the Slack integration?

Regarding the icon for info boxes, that’s a separate point. Feel free to open a new topic for it :slight_smile:

Exactly - we were using slack and dropbox, which obviously integrates with. We had to make the decision to move our email provider to Office 365 and therefore it made sense to move to OneDrive and Teams so that all our files played nice together. The major drawback was that we lost all our integrations, which totally sucks. If we could get Teams and OneDrive integrations in, we’d be flying. I’m sure there has to be others in our shoes, so getting similar functionality for Office 365 users would be incredible. Thanks.


Just adding that I would also love to see Teams integrated!

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+1 for Teams integration

Teams is on the way! :slight_smile:


Thanks that’s great news!

Will it be added to the public roadmap so that I don’t need to continue pestering you about it? :wink:

On that same note, any chance this will correlate to a OneDrive integration as well? Please help us Microsoft users!!


I will ask the integrations team if they can add it to the public roadmap!

Will have to check about OneDrive!


Would love a one drive connection too


Hi everyone!

Just checking you saw the announcement about the integration with MS Teams? NEW Integrations: Ms Teams & Google Sheets

Let us know what you think!!

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hey @rick @Bastian @mrobison !

I’d like to hear your feedback regarding existing MS Teams integration and how it’s been working for you?

Also, we’re planning to build a new app for MS Teams and I’d love to speak to you about how you guys are using both tools - will you have time to chat next week? Feel free to reply here or just drop me an email:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’d be interested in learning more as you build out a new app for MS Teams. My team just started using and the first thing I went to look for was to see if there was a direct integration within MS Teams, specifically within our Comms team MSTeams channel so that could be a tab or a deeper integration where we could see all boards and make updates from within MS Teams. Thanks!

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When I googled for Monday and MS Teams integrations, the first few results were from and Zapier. I gave a try and I’ve liked what I found so far.

Suddenly, there is a Zoom Button on the top of every Board. As far as Monday is meant to be a “Work OS” I am curious, why you integrate calls for a tool, that is meant to be used with externs, instead of integrating easy calls for the entire organisation itself with Microsoft Teams.

  • Plan a Call on Microsoft Teams Shortcut
  • Direct Call / Message Option for People within a Board