Pain points in the integration between Microsoft Teams and

Hello and Microsoft Teams users!

I’m working on a project to create an app that can improve the integration between these two amazing platforms :slight_smile:

I’m curious to know what are some of the challenges or frustrations that you face when using the current integration. What are some of the features that you wish were available or better implemented? How do you use the integration to manage your projects and collaborate with your team?

Please share your pain points and suggestions with me in this thread or send me a direct message. I appreciate your time and input.

Thank you! :blush:


Our company would like the ability to integrate Microsoft teams / Sharepoint specifically to automate adding files to sharepoint folders.

We have form responses generate into a pdf report. Currently our managers have to download that file and put it into a teams/sharepoint point folder for record keeping.

To be able to automate that process would be tremendous. The automation would need to upload the file to a specific locations folder based on a location selected on the form.


I haven’t used it a great deal, but this prompted me to give it a go. I have set up 2 notifications one to Teams, the other to Slack to evaluate.
One thing immediately apparent is that there are a lot more notifications for Slack, so Teams should at least be on a par.
I have also set up a reminder for 10 days ahead of when a task is due to complete to remind them, so I’ll see how it goes.

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Hi @Jordancopper

Thank you for your answer.
Can you please elaborate a bit more on your use case?
How do you use Monday forms and Sharepoint in your company and how would you benefit from such an integration ?
Are there any other needs you would have that the integration between Monday and Sharepoint can solve?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Cotters

Can you please elaborate a bit more on your use case?
How do you use Monday and Teams and how do you benefit from their integration?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Julia
I have done a lot of work in Make and have got the following working…

… create an MS Team, add members/owners. This happens when a new project (item) gets created, automatically adds the people in Monday People columns to the team (we have 3 people columns, 2 get added as “Team Owners” and the other gets added as Members)
… create a link in Monday as a shortcut to the new Team (opens Teams to the right place when clicked)
… create a link in Monday as a shortcut to the SharePoint Teams (opens SharePoint to the right place)
… use a template of folders and create folder structure in SharePoint/Teams General channel ready for the Team to use.

If we can get this in to a Monday app would be really useful.

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My biggest pain point with the integration is not being able to notify a specific user in Teams. Some information just needs to go to a direct manager and not an entire group. If I could get that to work it would be nice.

The recipes between these 2 platforms seems to be minimal so I’m having to look into outside options like Zapier to accomplish the task.