Monday Teams integration

Has anyone used the Monday - MS Teams integration and can provide more information on what it provides? Thanks

Hey @jasmined!

The MS Teams integration offers 2 types of use-cases:

Use case 1: When an item is created, notify team in channel

Use case 2: When a status changes to something, notify team in channel

You can customise and include the user name who created it, the board name, and the item name as well as your custom message about it! Once done, choose any channel in any team from your MS Teams account you want to be notified of this message.

We also have the MS Teams App - the app allows you to add your boards into your MS teams channel. You’re also able to customise which notifications you’d like to receive from the boards through the chatbot.

All the information and more can be found in the articles below:

Microsoft Teams integration

Microsoft Teams App

I hope this helps in some way!