Monday Teams integration

Has anyone used the Monday - MS Teams integration and can provide more information on what it provides? Thanks

Hey @jasmined!

The MS Teams integration offers 2 types of use-cases:

Use case 1: When an item is created, notify team in channel

Use case 2: When a status changes to something, notify team in channel

You can customise and include the user name who created it, the board name, and the item name as well as your custom message about it! Once done, choose any channel in any team from your MS Teams account you want to be notified of this message.

We also have the MS Teams App - the app allows you to add your boards into your MS teams channel. You’re also able to customise which notifications you’d like to receive from the boards through the chatbot.

All the information and more can be found in the articles below:

Microsoft Teams integration

Microsoft Teams App

I hope this helps in some way!

Hi @BiancaT ,

I see the MS Teams integration is in Beta. Does this mean they are still actively working on additional functionality or enhancements to the already released features? Would love to know what else might be happening related to this integration.

The reason I came to the forum today is because I noticed the MS Teams integration lacks the ability to make any of the basic customizations we’re used to with standard Automations. For example, the notification when an item is created is exactly what my team needed; however, we only want the notification for a specific item type or “status”. I was very surprised to discover this basic functionality was missing. Are you aware of any plans to add it?

Hey @RuHRoW - great question and thank you for your feedback.

Just to clarify, it’s the Microsoft Teams API that is in beta and not our integration with it, therefor from my understanding, the nature of functionality is currently out of our control. That said, I’ve relayed your comments with our dedicated team and will get back to you on this once I hear back with a more concrete answer!

Thanks for your patience with me! I have had further confirmation from our developers of the following:

It is the MS teams API that’s in beta not our integration with it, therefore, requests for greater functionality of the integration are essentially dependent on MS teams API.

That being said, it’s important to clarify that since we have two different unrelated connections with MS Teams, the beta API is relevant only to the platform integration, and not to the embedded application.

Let me know if this makes sense!

@BiancaT, that makes perfect sense. Thank you for clarifying!

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Hey @jasmined !

Welcome to the monday community.

I have been using monday com and MS Teams integration for over 2 years. By integrating Teams with monday Work OS, you can extend the capabilities of both the workplace applications and allow your workforce to prioritize the agenda, deadlines, and project progress. In other words, Teams integration allows you to achieve more with less effort.

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