Does anyone have a better way to streamline notifications?

Is there a better way of doing notifications? I’ve found a lot of the email and bell jar notifications are simply being missed by my team, I was wondering if anyone had found a better way of notifying their teams about on going tasks?

Or better yet does anyone know of way of creating a sort of notification hub within Maybe on the dashboards as they have cross board functionality ?

Any help would be great!

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@KieranBiscoe I’m kind of passionate about this particular issue:) It would be easiest for me if we hopped on a Zoom call quick. What timezone are located in? I’m CST in the US. Here’s my calendar if you want to just pick a time that works for you: Calendly - Julie Thoreen

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Hi Julie, thank you for responding to my thread. I think I’ve booked a time on your calendar? I’m in the UK so GMT time :slight_smile:

Hi Both,

How was your meeting:) ? Do you guys come up with a better workaround here?
Very much interested to now.


Hey @KieranBiscoe - we have found notifications better done through automations rather than the stock Monday options. The stock options are a bit ‘spammy’ for the most part so a little more control via automations is normally best. That way its entirely up to you when they are sent (and on the triggers that are most important for you).

If you ever need further assistance posting here in the community is always a great approach. And if you ever need more detailed/in-depth help feel free to check us out at:


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In the world of the red dot, notifications have become very invasive, so I bet your team isn’t missing them, they’re actively ignoring them. In my experience best way is to actively encourage people to manage their notifications to reduce them to a minimum and then they’re more proactive in checking their work for updates.

Currently Monday defaults to ALL notifications, so people are getting bombarded via email, slack, inbox and bell. It’s too much. Configuring it to the bare minimum and then helping people work with notifications where they spend most of their time seems to be the best way. In our case, this is slack.

Having said that, Monday has to come up with a better way to personalise notifications and give more control. As mentioned, the stock options are quite spammy in general.

It’s a personal choice and there should be more of a personalised approach: some people like to keep on top of their work and find getting notified isn’t needed, others want to be notified of everything, not only tags.


Could you give some examples of how you improved notifications on

Hi Kieran,

I’m interested in this development as well. Did you get some good tips?

Hi Emil,

After I spoke with Julie she gave me some suggestions regarding the way notifications are set to default by, if you go to your “My Profile” and then “Notifications” you should find some options in here like “Assigns me to an Item” and “Notify me Via Automations” if you disable these it can reduce the number of spam like emails you or others in your team my receive.

But of course this up to you and what suits you best, I’m still reading into some of the other suggestions she made like playing around with Integrations and tying them into my mail app and using some of the other integrations.

So to summarise I’ve not found my Silver Bullet to fix my issues just yet but I would definitely start with the areas I mentioned above and also speaking to your team to see how they prefer to receive updates and notifications may help to point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

Kieran Biscoe (DTE)

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Hi Kieran,

Understood. I knew about the profile settings already but same as you I have not yet found my optimal solution.

I am also playing around with integrations but the big issue with those is that every time an email is received you get a copy of that email as a status update of the item it originated from.

This is not a big issue with 1 recipient but when you have a list of 50 people receiving emails, you get a tsunami of spam in your status updates AND in your inbox. Which renders both features virtually useless.

If you ever find a work around I would be very glad to hear about it.


I’ve instructed my team to turn off all of their e-mail notifications unless they KNOW they’ll find one of them useful. Then I just used automations to generate in-app notifications only for relevant actions. Most of them are:

When [Status] changes to [Status], notify [Person].

Typically the person in that automation recipe is populated by a column, e.g. Campaign Owner, Assignee, Final Approver.

It’s also helpful if you can teach your team how to unsubscribe themselves from items, but… then you have to hope your users are happy about learning things.

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In order to keep the clutter out of email, I have turned off everyone’s email notifications and use Slack Integrations to relevant channels. Seems to work well.

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I have used an automation for automatic updates, since these show up in the Monday-Inbox and seem to be working better. The only downside is that there appears to be no war to automatically tag people.

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