Monday email notifications. A pro or a con?

Hi Monday community,

I am wondering. Does your organization use the built in email notifications or like ours, have all your users blocked or turned them off due to SPAM?

We have tried to solve this by using a mail address with our own domain to get important notifications to the right people BUT for some strange reason - all emails sent using the outlook/gmail integration are posted as a status update which

  1. Clutters up the inbox, with jumbled-up styling, rendering it useless
  2. Clutters up the status box, with jumbled-up styling, rendering status updates almost useless
  3. Is visible to all board subscribers.

Sending an email to a specific person is inherently personal so why are all emails open for all to see?

I want to use to trigger notifications for specific things and our team is around 100 people. I can’t afford to have 100 user updates in every item and 100 inbox notification, every time the integration triggers. If we use this, well get up to thousands of useless notifications with the same jumbled up message in week. Besides even if we’d use the Monday notification emails- there is no way to style the message. Not even put in a line-break.

There must be a better way to solve this. If you have working solution please share!

Thanks and lease upvote this post (at the top) to get visibility from the team development team. @dipro


Can you tell me a little more about the exact integration/automation you are using to notify people? Also what precisely are you trying to accomplish?

You are correct that currently you can only format emails with Plain Text, but there might be a better
option for you depending on what you need.

Let me know and I might be able to help.

Hi @andrewalmand


We have 3 boards that use this integration.

Board 1 - Sales pipeline
Once an opportunity status is changed to either Won, Lost or Cancelled I have the automation send a premade email from an internal email account to specific people that need to be notified. In this case it’s only 4 people so we’ve been able to manage with the spam so far.

Board 2 - Product schedule
For new products being manufactured we have a board so that all sales people can keep track of the developments progress and milestone dates for each product. The triggers are a) milestone is reached: notify and b) one new product is added: notify. I want to use the same integration to notify all sales people (ca 100) from, again, a prewritten email sent from specific internal email address.and With the current setup, this will result in massive spam in our inbox and status update sections for every item/product added to the board.

Board 3 - Sample request
Similar idea as board 2 but once a sample of a product is available to order internally - all sales people should be notified in the same manner as in board 1 and 2.

The integration im using is:


If you have an idea how to solve this without the SPAM. I would be very grateful.