Send notification to someone without sharing board

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Doy you know if we can send notification to someone that is not shared on the board and that is not part of our organization ?

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You can use the integration (Outlook or Gmail). In the board ensure that you have a field of type email then, you can setup the integration to send an email for example on a status change.

Included in the integration there are smart tags to the columns to populate the subject and body of the email.


Hello @SirScannell

Thank you for your answer, I will try the email integration.


Hi, what if the person is not on the board but is in the organisation, is this still the only way to notify them? Thanks

Not sure the only way, but if you use an email field, they don’t have to have any access to Monday. We use it simply to update on gated stages of a process

@TMacc, good question! If the person is a member of the account, you can notify them via automation, which they can choose to receive via email, depending on their preferences: How Can I Change My Email Notifications?

Otherwise, the only way to is using the email integration.

Thanks Talia. From what I can tell if the person is part of the monday account but not a board subscriber then the only way to use them in a notification automation is to add a people column to the board and assign them. I only want to notify them once a date has passed and criteria have been met, not when I assign the item.

Actually, that doesn’t work either. It seems you can’t notify someone within your organisation unless they are subscribed to the board. I’m told you can’t use the email option either if they use the same domain name as the account.