Board members and email notification on update/add


Just a simple question about board members notifications. (some users need to get info about a board activity and subscribe to it)

Board members are notified by default (inbox in monday) when an update happen on the board. But no email are send? is it possible to get a also a notification by e-mail for all board members in this case?

Or the only way to get notification by email is to use the “@Everyone on this board” in an update message?


Hi @MichaelB12,

You can create an automation “When an update is created Then notify someone”.

Thanks for your answer.
Yes i know that i can create automation for this case but i tought email can be send by default with each notification (it’s not very clear when email are send or not when i read the documentation). I guess notifications (inbox) works all the time but if you need also an email you have to create automation or @mention someone…