How can I notify select team members of updates?

I’m trying to create an automation that will notify selected team members of the board when an update is created.

When I select “someone > Team” I’m unable to add people. Nothing comes up when writing their name.

A note underneath says that “You can only assign people that are subscribed to this board” however the people that I am trying to add are already members of the board. See the attached screenshots.

I’m wanting to create notifications for 2 of the boards 5 members. I need the 5 members to be able to access the board but only 2 of the members need to be notified of every update.

Hi @dt101 - it depends a bit on of your board type. If it is a private board the Team or Individuals you want notified need to be subscribed to the board. Then use the Team selection in the dialog to subscribe the Team.


If you want to just notify individuals you can use the Team Members option.

If the board is a Main board, teams/individuals do not need to be subscribed to notify.