Automatically subscribe a team member to an item?


When I create a new item, I see that I am automatically subscribed to that item and will get notified when there are updates to the item. Is there a way to also automatically add a specific team member to all new items created so that I don’t have to remember to add her each time?

She is currently a board member/owner of each board where these items live but that doesn’t seem to do the trick in her getting the notifications.

Thank you!

Hey @TheBox! To clarify, when you create an item, you will automatically be subscribed to that item. As you’ve come to notice, in order to stop receiving those notifications, you would need to manually unsubscribe yourself, and subscribe a new team member. I recognise this isn’t the most ideal process, and will certainly take your feedback on-board. We also encourage you to post a feature request via the “submit an idea” link: Submit an Idea - monday Community Forum

If you’d like to automatically assign a specific team member each time an item is created, you can create this via an automation.

Alternatively, you can also un-check the option in your notifications settings to be notified when you’re subscribed to a board, team or item.

Thank you! I think I found what I was looking for though. It does appear that once I make that team member a “board member” she gets all notifications when items are updated (assuming that box is checked)…so I think we’re good!

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