Update/Inbox notification Overload

After testing the system with other users in the account, before putting our board templates in use, I’ve noticed that any update on any item notifies everyone subscribed to the board which would be overwhelming when back and forth discussion is happening on multiple projects for people who aren’t even assigned. If a person is assigned to only 1 out of 20 items happening at once for example, and has nothing to do with the others, it is crazy to be notified for other item updates. How is there not an option to only receive updates for an item you’re assigned or subscribed to? Am I missing something?

I get having an option to see all updates on the board the odd time when someone may want to see it (i.e. a PM) but it shouldn’t notify a user unless they are assigned to the item in the Person column or subscribed to the item…and the first thing they should see in the inbox are updates related only to their item. Is there no way around this and does this not drive anyone else nuts if not? :crazy_face:

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Hi @Dayna. Before going into too much detail I just wanted to be sure that you have reviewed the notifications settings available for each user (as an admin you can set them yourself for the entire team)? Settings > My Profile. From here you can set what you want and don’t want to see.

If this still doesn’t meet your needs, we usually like to just customize the notifications via automations to limit people to see only what’s important and turn off most of the system level notifications. The last thing you want is your team ignoring everything from monday :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,

@mark.anley Thanks so much for your reply Mark. Yes I did check the the notification settings and set them like below to test having very little checked off. However, although this may solve issues for Email notifications, I don’t seem to have as many options for the in-app Monday notifications, so all updates – even when mentioning other people – still go to the Inbox to all people subscribed on the board even when they are not subscribed or assigned to the item, and notifies it them in the app.

I want each person to get notifications in the app & email ONLY for items that person is @mentioned and/or assigned to in a people column. That’s just what makes sense to me…unless you’re part of the project/item in some way then you shouldn’t need to get update notifications about it just because you’re subscribed to the board. Having access to that somehow is fine, but being notified and in the first screen of the Inbox is not. If you know how to achieve that it would be awesome because this to me is a big issue after convincing the company to pay for Enterprise!

Also, in the notification settings…what does it mean when it says “a conversation you’re a part of”? It seems to be different than “subscribed to” or “owner of” so it’s a bit vague…does it mean you’re a part of it as soon as you’re subscribed to the board?


Hi @Dayna - I see your issue here. I think what you should consider is managing your notifications purely through automations at least for assignments via the people column, etc. This way you should be able to disable the vast majority of the system notifications. It’s a bit of work depending on the number of boards you have etc but is likely worth the time.

Even with basically every notification turned off if some @ you then you will still see a notification in Monday.

If you need a hand with anything just let me know and I’d be happy to help you out further. Apologies for the slow reply BTW.


Thanks Mark…I hear you and I have set notification reminders etc via automations which is great…problem is I wanted to use the update section on each item to discuss a project back and forth including review and approval to avoid excess use of email (note each item is a project assigned to one individual). I don’t want everyone on the board to constantly get notifications or even visibility in Inbox for projects they aren’t assigned to, even in Monday. Sounds like there’s no option to change that though :frowning: Appreciate your assistance.

@mark.anley do you have any examples of the automations that you have used to reduce death by overnotification?

Hi Christine - basically we would do a review of what the company really finds important for notifications, then build out the automations based on those functions, so it tends to differ greatly from client to client. We then remove the vast majority of the native notifications to reduce the bother.

The usuals:

  • On change (of a specific column) notify
  • On due date approaching or overdue notify
  • On status change or group change notify
  • On assignment notify
  • etc…
    We also create custom columns (like a checkbox “notify”) that when specific details of a specific task are changed then to notify the proper team members when notify is checked. These can be built into templates (if applicable) where the same tasks recur.

The great thing with automation notifications is people are notified in Monday and via Email.

I hope this helps!

jumping back in here - @mark.anley I’m liking the idea of your checkbox column to notify - very cool potential workaround…just curious will it only work once?..i.e. if something in that item changes again can you uncheck and then check again in that same column to have it notify a 2nd/3rd/4th time etc?

Hi All - instead of a checkbox you could also use a status column. In this case I have a column called Notify with an option of Yes or No. The status of the Notify column could be set to change during the automation, or not if you want to continue notifying in specific instances. For this I just set it to Notify me when Status changes to Stuck and Notify = Yes


If you wanted to reset the status so it only notifies once you can just add another step to the automation


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We are having the same issue described above… we also would like that not all the subscribers of a board will receive the notification of the updates of the different items, but instead only the updates of the items that each one is subscribed to.

For example it would be nice if in the board settings will be included an option to choose… the subscribers will receive notification about all items no matter if the are subscribed to the items or the other option would be to receive notification only for the items they are subscribed.