Inbox update worst than my email spam

Since I have no control on inbox updates on any board I am subscribed to, I am losing the benefit from “inbox update” since I am getting hundreds of updates daily.
Is it possible to have an option to opt out from any items that I am not assigned to, as now I am getting all updates as an admin. I do have over 25 boards, and 45 members, and cannot spend my day to read unrelated updates.

Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 6.33.26 PM

You should have an option in the “…” menu for board notifications. It is a new option. The middle choice will only send you notifications for items you are assigned, or mentions. You can also choose all updates or no updates.

If you can’t access that menu: Go to your user profile, click the notifications tab, and check or uncheck to select what you’d like to be notified about.

Hi @Altuijri

Just wanted to jump in here!
Firstly, I would definitely recommend checking out @Nickt’s suggestions as this should help minimise the inbox updates you’re received.

Further to this, you can also try activating one of our beta features.
You can select your profile picture / initials in the bottom left hand corner and then select ‘monday.labs’.
From here you can select the following setting:

This should help to further alleviate the number of messages you get!