How do I unsubscribe to boards that I don't need inbox notifications from?

Hi everyone! Is there a way to mass unsubscribe from getting updates from boards? I want to use my inbox to keep track of what’s happening in certain boards without having to filter. The Filter By Board panel lists boards I have nothing to do with. It’s cluttering my beautiful monday space! Thanks!

Hi Mag,

This article should help with your notification management.

If this is more of a setup issue and you want to contact us to work through how you can improve your setup please do contact me!

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Hi Jason! I checked out that article and the ones within it including the one about board members.

I’m just not seeing a way to remove myself from both boards and workspaces that I never subscribed to and am not technically subscribed to (as in, I’m not in the board or workspace member list).

Hi Mag,

Even if you’re not part of a Workspace members, if that Workspace is “Open” then you will be able to get notifications from it.

In the “Inbox” view you can change the “Inbox View Options” to “I was mentioned” which hides all the unnecessary updates you are receiving. If you want to go into each board and change the “Board Notification Settings” to “Assigned & Mentioned” or “Mute All” that should help on specific boards.

And in the notifications pop up you do just have to use the “I was mentioned” and “Assigned to me” headers.

Does this help?

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