"Unfollow" Board - In App Notifications option to Turn Off

I love the Inbox for Monday. However, the Notifications (bell) drives me bonkers. I need the visibility of many of our boards. However, I do not wish to get notifications for those boards, the inbox (when mentioned) works great. Today someone from my team asked how to turn these off and it turned into an all-hands meeting because everyone was frustrated with this and hadn’t voiced it.

Also - going through the notifications is frustrating. You click on it and it takes you right to the convo - but out of the notifications area. I think many people, like myself, want to view the notifications missed in one sitting. Click the notification, view the info, make a comment if necessary, and move on to the next one. The same feature would be great for the inbox as well. Asana did this really well. This along with recurring tasks would release so much angst against Monday.