Automated Removal of Item Subscribers/Notifications

Proposal: either a new automation, or an expansion of the “clear assignees” (i.e., unassign) function, to remove users from an item’s “Team Subscribers.”

To expand: once someone is assigned to an item (either manually or via automation), they are automatically subscribed to the updates provided to that item. Which is great for receiving any relevant comments, however they see fit, as defined by their notification settings.

However, when they’re un-assigned from an item, the user is not removed from its subscriber list, so they continue to receive updates even if they are no longer responsible for the task(s) at hand. Which can become burdensome, especially for executives who want to eliminate or reduce inbox congestion.

Currently, the only way to remove a team member from being subscribed is to manually remove the users from the subscriber section in each items’ update section, which necessitates a lot of click-thru’s and additional steps. This becomes even more of a hassle when a team deals with a high volume of items. Not to mention that some team members can be less tech savvy then others, so leaders can find themself having to repeat how to unsubscribe or do it for them, which can slow a process down exponentially.

However, if we were able to add an “unsubscribe assignees from updates” to the custom list (allowing us to stack it in an automation with an “and then…” prompt) we could decide when/if it would be appropriate to remove that status.

Alternatively, the “clear assignees” script could automatically remove subscriber status as a part of it’s process and standardize the association between being “assigned” to an item and thus “assigned” to its updates.

This would be great - I have a very disgruntled team member who was added to a board as the default item owner by accident. And now continues to get all the notifications - even though they’re no longer owner.

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I would also very much like this.

We have tasks that require input from assignees as various stages, once one assignee is done with the task they never need to know about it again, however they get emails/notifications on all future updates.

I would like to have ability to set up an automation “when status changes to ____ remove ____ from item subscribers” or as the OP says - remove the subscriber when they are removed as an assignee.

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Adding my name to this feature. My current situation is that I use VLOOKUP to add people from a general assignments board to a board with tasks. The people update on my task board as expected. But I just realized that once someone is added, they’re subscribed to the item and made an owner - fine. Then when the assignments change, my board reflects the correct people; however, the people who used to be on the account are still subscribed.

I’d love to see a feature that unsubscribes people when they are no longer in one of the People columns.