Automation to Unassign People in Subitem?


Is there any way to automate unassign people in subitem when a status is changed?

I don’t want employees to make any change once they set a status to “reviewed”, for example.

Thank you.

Hey @Norawat,

Thanks for posting! There’s no way to automatically unassign people from subitems when a status is changed at the moment. You could either reassign the subitem based on the status change (e.g. "When subitem status changes to reviewed, assign subitem person to x person) or notify yourself based on the status change to remind yourself to unassign the person (“When subitem status changes to reviewed, notify Norawat”).

Hope this helps :blush:

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Notifying a user based on status change to unassign subitem People is a great idea!

Thank you!

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Great, glad to hear that will work!

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