Automate Assignees depending on Subitem Name

Hi all,
I checked similar topics but haven’t seen this use case mentioned.

I sometimes have the same subitem ie Content Review in many tasks. I want to be able to auto assign through the automations to a person anytime i have a subitem called Content Review.

I’ve seen how automations can assign someone if the status changes, but this has nothing to do with status. It’s simply assigning teams and making it easier for the project owner to set up the board.

Essentially i would like to be able to find a recipe that can map subitems to people ie

if Subitem is Content Review, then assign to Person A
If Subitem is Final Approval and dropdown = X, then assign to Person B

That sort of thing.
Any suggestions?


Hi There!

My suggestion would be to do the following for automations to work seamlessly.

  1. Add a second Status Column
  2. Create the Types within the column like ‘Content Review’
  3. Set up automation so that 'When Status Changes to Content Review, then assign person.

This is the most powerful way to do it. You can then hide that column or if you have enterprise limit the viewing of the column so its hidden.

if you want to explore more or find even more ways to automate your workflow just reach out here!

Mike B
Automation Architect

Thanks but this is not based on status, only the name of the subitem.

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Text automations are not possible unless you do a integration or a advanced match automation with a team member database board.

However, my solution looks something like this and you can automate subitems ot be created with these dropdown selections to have the right people assigned.

Hey @Amanda_W

We developed an app that solves this exact use case of assigning owners based on subitem’s name (or other value). See below -

We’re constantly adding new capabilities to it!
You can find it in the marketplace in the platform or here - Apps Marketplace

Hope that helps!